s a Hoffman Authorized Distributor, RSP Supply offers the complete line of Enclosures and Accessories along with a comprehensive inventory of related products. If you can’t find it call us and we will find it for you. We have the most comprehensive selection all Hoffman products at the best prices along with free technical support. RSP Supply is a Hoffman Superstore with the largest inventory of Hoffman products online.

Enclosures -
 • Hoffman Steel Enclosures
 • Hoffman Stainless Steel Enclosures
 • Hoffman Aluminum Enclosures
 • Hoffman Disconnect Enclosures
 • Hoffman Hazardous Location Enclosures
 • Hoffman HMI (Human-Machine Interface) Enclosures
 • Hoffman Modular Enclosures
 • Hoffman Non-Metallic Enclosures
 • Hoffman Pushbutton Enclosures
 • Hoffman Wiring Trough Enclosures
Specialized Lines -
 • COMPACT™ Enclosures
 • Hoffman COMPACT™ Accessories
 • CONCEPT™ Enclosures
 • CONCEPT™ Accessories
 • FUSION™ Enclosures
 • FUSION™ Accessories
 • INLINE™ Enclosures
 • INLINE™ Accessories
 • PHARMPRO™ Enclosures
 • POLYPRO™ Enclosures
 • Hoffman POLYPRO™ Accessories

 • PROLINE™ Enclosures
 • Hoffman PROLINE™ Accessories
 • QLINE™ D Enclosures
 • QLINE™ E Enclosures
 • QLINE™ I Enclosures
 • QLINE™ Accessories
 • ULTRX™ Enclosures
 • ULTRX™ Accessories
 • WATERSHED™ Accessories
 • WEATHERPRO™ Enclosures
 • ZONEX™ Enclosures

    Hoffman makes premium quality enclosures leading in design and quality. RSP Supply is a Hoffman Distributor with a comprehensive catalog of Enclosures for all industries. RSP Supply carries Steel Enclosures made from a mild steel and painted. Stainless Steel Enclosures made from a 304 and 316 Stainless Steel with a brushed finish. Non-Metallic Enclosures include Fiberglass Enclosures, ABS Enclosures, Polyester Enclosures, and Polycarbonate Enclosures.

    RSP Supply also carries specialized Enclosures like HMI Enclosures for HMI screens and all the HMI accessories like pendant arms. Modular Enclosures that can be assembled to all configurations and sizes. Disconnect Enclosures for quick disconnect of power to things like starters. Hazardous Location Enclosures used in hazardous environments. Pushbutton Enclosures for applications where you want pushbuttons and indicators on the enclosure door.

    Hoffman is used in all trades and used for electrical, electronics, controls, data, and industrial projects. Hoffman Enclosures are used in food and beverage, oil refineries, power companies, water systems, government projects. Use these enclosures to protect all your equipment, wiring, and controls.

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