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Mulogic IOC-PSU7T Power Entry Unit for for Rack Power Supply
Mulogic IOC-PSU7T Power entry unit for (UCF-16.3) for use with PSU-2406S
List Price:$131.20
Price: $114.80
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Mulogic Power Ac Adapter
Mulogic Ac power adapter 110Vac-24Vdc for connecting LLM-336 and ADSL-2401 modems to Ac power.
List Price:$38.40
Price: $33.60
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Mulogic PSU-2460S Power Supply Strip for Rack Power
Mulogic PSU-2460S Power Supply 24V-60W PSU with strip for all slots for UCF-16.3 used in conjunction with IOC-PSU7T.
List Price:$472.00
Price: $413.00
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