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MDS 02-1822A02 Combiner Kit Master 24MHz Split
MDS Kit Combiner, 24 & 24MHz Frequency Splits
List Price:$9,782.85
Price: $9604.98
MDS 03-1098A02 External Vox Option (Enclosed)
MDS External Vox Option (Enclosed)
List Price:$83.49
Price: $81.97
MDS 03-3537A01 Radio Kit
MDS Kit, 1 to 2 Radios 110/220 VAC
List Price:$528.00
Price: $518.40
MDS 03-3538A01 Radio Kit
MDS Kit, 1 to 2 Radios 21-60 VDC
List Price:$631.40
Price: $619.92
MDS 03-3665A01 Combiner Kit Master 9/24MHz Split
MDS Kit Combiner, 9 & 24MHz Frequency Splits
List Price:$4,071.10
Price: $3997.08
MDS 03-3665A02 Combiner Kit Master 9/31MHz Split
MDS Kit Combiner, 9 & 31MHz Frequency Splits
List Price:$4,389.00
Price: $4309.20
MDS 03-4648A01 Data Synchronizer Assembly
MDS Data Synchronizer Assembly, Enclosed
List Price:$154.00
Price: $151.20
MDS 73-1194A53 Terminal Strip 2-Pin Plug
MDS 5mm Terminal Strip, 2-Pin Plug
List Price:$2.20
Price: $2.16
MDS 97-4577A01 External Serial Encryption Device
MDS SCADAcrypt- External Serial Encryption Device.
List Price:$420.20
Price: $412.56