Enclosure Rack Slides

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Hoffman A16SL2U Rack Slides
Hoffman A16SL2U Slides, quantity 2. Heavy-duty ball bearing, plated three-section Slides are 16-in. (406-mm) long and allow 17-in. (423-mm) extension. They are attached to supports that mount between two pairs of rack- mounting angles that have accessory mounting legs. Mounting hardware is furnished. Equipment 16.75-in. (425-mm) wide can be mounted between Slide assemblies installed on 19-in. rack angles. A pair of Slides can support up to 160 lb. at the extended position when load is distributed evenly along the 16-in. (406-mm) Slide length. Requires Rack Angle Adapter Bracket to fit PROLINE. Needs to be used with the Rack Angle Adapter Bracket.