ULTRX Enclosure Screw Kits

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Hoffman UUMH1 ULTRX Screw Package 1/4-15 x .88
Hoffman UUMH1 ULTRX Self-Tapping Screw Pkg (10). Plated screws (1-4-15 x .88) mount panels and accessories to DIN bosses on back of enclosure.
List Price:$50.26
Price: $40.60
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Hoffman UUMH2 ULTRX Screw Insert Kit 10-32
Hoffman UUMH2 ULTRX Screw Insert Kit. 4 Inserts and Screws. Brass threaded inserts (10-32) with plated screws. Used on door bosses and DIN bosses.
List Price:$47.58
Price: $38.43
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