Phoenix Contact AC UPS's

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Phoenix Contact 2320270 Line Interactive UPS Pure Sine Wave 500VA
Phoenix Contact QUINT-UPS/1AC/1AC/500VA Line Interactive Pure Sine Wave UPS. QUINT 120 volt and 230 volt Uninterruptible power supply with IQ technology 500 VA, 600 watt. For 120 V AC/230 V AC applications. Dimensions 19 x 3.5 x 26.8 (WxHxD) or 2U rack mount. Battery not included. The QUINT UPS IQ series can recognize up to 15 batteries wired in parallel to increase the Amp Hour rating. However,we recommend no more than 5 of the same size units be connected at any one time. IQ technology Intelligent adaptive battery management. This incorporates battery monitoring intelligence,fast charging decoupled input,POWER BOOST/SFB Technology,cutback of the charging current in the event of a power supply overload. The AC UPS is designed to provide a pure-sine wave output that is 50/60 Hz at either 120 V AC or 230 V AC. In "PC-Mode" the UPS function follows a chronological sequence that can be configured by the software and individually optimized for a specific application. In the event of a power failure,the PC can continue to work without failure. The transfer time is equal to or less than 10mS.