Panel Services

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As you may have seen in our videos, we know industrial control panels well and we are now offering Panel Fabrication Services for UL Listed Industrial Enclosures. We have partnered with a trusted UL panel shop to offer UL listed panels fulfilled through RSP Supply. Our deep knowledge of hardware products and panel best practices coupled with our partners control engineering experience is allowing us to provide top value and efficiency to those looking for panel solutions. Contact us for more information and don't forget to check out our education page Here.


 Services Include
  • Panel Design
  • Installation
  • FAT Testing
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • UL-Listed Panels

Control Panel Fabrication

A well built control panel can be the difference between consistent efficiency and chaos. We build our panels to the highest quality and design them with process and stability in mind.


VFD Panel Fabrication

VFD's (Variable Frequency Drive) have become the go to method for controlling large motors. At RSP we understand the importance of using VFD's as a control point in the process. Not only do we design and build panels for VFD's and other motor control devices, but we are also able to install and commission them.

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