Freewave Radio Adapters

Freewave Adapter: Adapters for cable connections.
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FreeWave ECD0009FF Adapter DB9 Female to DB9 Male
FreeWave DB9 Female to DB9 Female Gender Changer.
FreeWave ECD0009NM Adapter Null Modem DB9 Male to DB9 Female
FreeWave Null Modem adapter, 9 Pin Male to 9 Pin Female.
FreeWave ECN0313TS Adapter TNC Male to SMA Female
FreeWave adapter from TNC Male Plug to SMA Female Jack.
FreeWave ECN1234TN Adapter TNC Male to N Female
FreeWave RF Connector, Adpt, TNC Male to N Female.
FreeWave ECN3102MF Adapter N Male to SMA Female
FreeWave Adapter, N Male to SMA Female, Gold contact pin.
FreeWave ECN3202MF Adapter Reverse Thread SMA Male to SMA Female
FreeWave Adapter, Reverse Threaded SMA Male RF Connector to Straight SMA Female RF Connector, gold plating.
FreeWave ECN3501XS Adapter SMA Female to MCX Male
FreeWave Adapter, Straight SMA Female RF Connector to Straight MCX Male RF Connector.