Phoenix Contact Solar Panels

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Phoenix 2885456 Replacement Solar Panel
Phoenix Contact RAD-SOL-PAN-12- 50. 12 V, 50 Watt Solar Panel crystalline solar module designed for use in the RAD-SOL-SET-24-100 or RAD-SOL-SET-24-200 solar system. Two or four modules are required to operate the solar system.
Phoenix 5605943 Solar Set with Panels-Controller-Wired Cabinet
Phoenix Contact RAD-SOL-SET-24-100-US. Complete Solar system 24v, 100 Watt Consisting of 2 solar panels, prewired control cabinet with charge controller, 2 solar batteries, fuses, surge protection and assembly material (including mast clips). Aluminum Cabinet 19.25" W x 25" H x 25" W, Solar Panels 25" Tall x 25" Wide x 13" Deep. Batteries 12 V 84 AH. Charge controller 24 VDC 10 Amp.