Battery Enclosures

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Battery Enclosure BE181614
Fits up to two 105Ah batteries side by side Mounts on 2"-4" poles. 18"x16"x14", NEMA 3R Vented for up to (2) 100 AH Batteries (PCW)*
Battery Enclosure BE-Mount
Kindoft pole mount for mounting Battery Enclosures.
Battery Enclosure LCF01-W
Fits one 110Ah battery. 16"x14"x8", NEMA-3R, Vented, (1) PVX-12105 (PCW)*
Battery Enclosure OES431
Fits up to four 105Ah batteries 2 over 2. Mounts on 2"-4" poles. 16"x14"x35" NEMA- poles. 3R Vented, (4) PVX-12105, Aluminum (PCW)*
Battery Enclosure OES631
Fits up to six 105Ah batteries using 3 shelves holding 2 each. Mounts on 2"-4"16"x14"x50" NEMA-3R Vented, (6) PVX-12105, Aluminum (PCW)*