SCADAPack Cables

SCADAPack Inter-module Ribbon Cable: To connect SCADAPack PlC's and Modules together for communication.
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SCADAPack TBUM297131 Intermodule Ribbon Cable 30 inch
SCADAPack TBUM297131 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 30 inches (0.76) long
List Price:$48.00
Price: $35.64
SCADAPack TBUM297162 Intermodule Ribbon Cable 45 inch
SCADAPack TBUM297162 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 45 inches (1.14) long
List Price:$61.00
Price: $45.29
SCADAPack TBUM297174 Intermodule Ribbon Cable 72 inch
SCADAPack TBUM297174 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 72 inches (1.82) long
List Price:$80.00
Price: $59.40
SCADAPack TBUM297192 Intermodule Ribbon Cable 18 inch
SCADAPack TBUM297192 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 18 inches (0.45) long
List Price:$43.00
Price: $31.93
SCADAPack TBUM297193 Intermodule Ribbon Cable 24 inch
SCADAPack TBUM297193 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 24 inches (0.61) long
List Price:$45.00
Price: $33.41
SCADAPack TBUM297212 Intermodule Cable Extension Adapter
SCADAPack TBUM297212 Intermodule Cable Extension Adapter
List Price:$73.00
Price: $54.20
SCADAPack TBUM297269 Intermodule Ribbon Cable 12 inch
SCADAPack TBUM297269 Shielded Intermodule Cable, 12 inches (0.3) long
List Price:$37.00
Price: $27.47