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PCTEL Antenna Products Group Authorize Distributor:  Includes Antenna Specialists, Bluewave and Maxrad antennas, in addition to the PCTEL antenna line. We carry Bluewave Marathon Yagi antennas along with Bluewave Guardian Yagi antennas. We also have PCTEL Omni antennas and Maxrad Yagi antennas, Maxrad Panel antennas, Maxrad Omni antennas, and Maxrad Whip antennas for your portable antenna needs. We have a large inventory of antennas at low prices.

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RSP Supply carries every omnidirectional, yagi, whip and panel antenna in this group, as well as mounting brackets and clamps, and other antenna accessories at discount prices.

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We carry hundreds of Omni antennas and Yagi antennas along with all the accessories you need to connect you radios. We have Polyphaser lightning protection, coax cable whips to connect the radio to the Polyphaser and the coax cables to connect you Polyphaser to the antenna. We have thousands of cables and cable assemblies of all LMR sizes and all connectors. We also carry a full line of radios including MDS Radio, Freewave Radio and Phoenix Contact Radio.

   Call us to help you set up your network or we can help you troubleshoot. At RSP Supply we have thousands of products in stock and are a great One Stop Shop for communication for SCADA systems.