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Power Sonic Rechargeable Batteries

As an Authorized Power-Sonic Distributor, you can buy Power-Sonic's batteries through RSP Supply at discount prices. We have a large inventory of Power-Sonic sealed lead-acid rechargeable batteries (SLA batteries)which are for use in multiple, industrial settings. Several of Power-Sonic batteries are ideal for solar applications. Power-Sonic general purpose batteries are versatile and used in almost any application. These 12 volt batteries are valve regulated, with a spill proof construction to allow safe operation in any position.

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Using the RSP Supply's filter tool, you can quickly find the battery that will meet your needs - even searching by dimensions!

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Power-Sonic batteries are used world-wide and known as reliable high quality batteries. The Power-Sonic battery is used in industrial and commercial industries for a rechargeable energy source. It is very common in battery backup situations like in control cabinets. Whether in the water and wastewater industry, oil and gas, power generation or any other industry where you need battery backup these are dependable batteries.

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