Ferraz Shawmut

Ferraz Shawmut fuses include large variety of 5mm x 20mm fuses and 1/4 x 1-1/4 fuses. See our low prices and large stock of Ferraz Shawmut fuses at discount prices. We have slow blow fuses, fast blow fuses and normal blow fuses. Find your Ferraz Shawmut fuse in stock including 40 milliamp fuses, ¼ amp, ½ amp, 1 amp, 1.5 amp, 2 amp, 5 amp, 6 amp, 10 amp and 15 amp fuses.

Ferraz Shamut Fuses:

.25 inch x 1.25 inch Fuses
1/4 inch x 1 1/4 inch Fuses
5 mm x 20 mm Fuses
Fast Blow Fuses
Fuses - Fast Blow
Fuses - Slow Blow
Fuses - Time Delay
Slow Blow Fuses
Time Delay Fuses

Call if you have other sizes you need and we can get them.