BB Battery

BB Battery

B.B. Battery Authorized Distributor:
As an Authorized B.B. Battery Distributor, you can buy B.B. Battery batteries through RSP Supply at discount prices.

We carry B.B. Battery's rechargeable 2 volt, 4 volt, 6 volt, and 12 volt sealed batteries for multiple industrial applications. A battery for every application like solar and other demanding applications like with electric motors where the battery will be used a lot. General Purpose Batteries used in almost all applications but won’t be as efficient as specialized batteries. High Rate Batteries designed as a backup battery specifically for UPS and Telecom uses.

B.B. Battery Types -

 • Deep Cycle Batteries
 • General Purpose Batteries
 • High Cycle Batteries

 • High Cycle Batteries
 • High Rate Batteries
 • Long Life Batteries

B.B. Batteries by Amp Hours -

 • 1 - 10 Amp Hour Batteries
 • 11 - 20 Amp Hour Batteries
 • 21 - 30 Amp Hour Batteries
 • 31 - 40 Amp Hour Batteries

 • 41 - 50 Amp Hour Batteries
 • 51 - 100 Amp Hour Batteries
 • 101 - 200 Amp Hour Batteries
 • 201+ Amp Hour Batteries

BB Battery batteries

Using the RSP Supply filter tool, you can quickly find the battery that will meet your SCADA wireless communication, or other industrial and commercial battery needs.