Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives

Yaskawa Distributor:
You will find all of the Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) you need at discounted prices here at RSP Supply.

Using our product filters, you can select the 240 Volt VFD, 480 Volt VFD, or 500-600 Volt VFD with variable torque, or constant torque options to best match your system's needs. These drives are available with a Standard, or NEMA 1 chassis protection, as well as single phase input (.33 - 75 horsepower) VFDs or 3 phase input (.75 - 1000 horsepower) VFDs.

Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives -

 • Yaskawa 240 Volt VFDs
 • Yaskawa 480 Volt VFDs
 • Yaskawa 500 - 600 Volt VFDs
 • Yaskawa A1000 VFD Series

 • Yaskawa CIMR-AU VFD models
 • Yaskawa CIMR-PU VFD models
 • Yaskawa P1000 VFD Series

Since 1915 Yaskawa has been producing and innovating low-voltage magnetic contactors and induction motors. Over a hundred years later, Yaskawa now produces drives for every application, including Industrial Drives, HVAC Drives, Specialty Pump Drives, Elevator drives, Spindle Drives, Medium Voltage Drives, and a state-of-the-art V1000 inverter drive.

Yaskawa also makes Machine Controllers, Servo Motors, AC motors, and Relays and Switches. If you can't find the Yaskawa solution you need on our website, please call us at 1-888-532-2706.