Industrial PCs & Displays

These PC’s and Displays are designed for industrial use. Both the PCs and the Displays are rugged and durable to perform various tasks in environments that consumer PC’s would not be able to handle. Our PC can reliably run powerful automation software, control complex processes with high speed and efficiency, and is constructed to be long lasting. 
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Uninterruptible Power Supply Kit for Panel PC 12" (Battery & 3m cable)
VESA mounting kit for HMIBM 4 Slots with HMIDM7/9/A - 4:3 15"/W15"/W19"/W22"
VESA mounting kit for HMIBM 2 Slots with HMIDM7/9/A - 4:3 15",W15"/W19"/W22"
HMIBM Fan Kit for PCI/PCIe over 3W. To maximum 6w for 2 cards or 10W for 1 card
Additional Serial Line Interface with terminator resistance for Panel PC 12"
Interface Mini PCIe Graphic video card Full HD with 2VGA + DVI-D connectors